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Licensed Mental Health Clinician Job Description

New Leaf Counseling and Wellness, LLC, is a high-end group practice providing individual therapy in Naperville, IL. This practice serves clients who identify as helpers, givers, and fixers who are ready to focus on their own mental health needs. Our ideal clients are high-functioning, high-achieving, psychologically minded, and insightful individuals who value mental health and therapy. They are willing to invest in themselves and the therapeutic relationship. We value establishing quality relationships over the number of clients. Finding an excellent match between clients and clinicians is a top priority.

We strive to serve clients sustainably by focusing on caring for ourselves as one of the many people we care for. Here at New Leaf Counseling and Wellness, you will join a dynamic team of therapists and administrative staff who value each other and hold a mindset of growth and abundance.

We are looking for a fully licensed therapist (Ph.D., PsyD, LCPC, LCSW, LMFT) with specialties in trauma. The therapist will maintain a caseload of at least 10 to 15 clinical hours a week to start. This is a partially remote and partially in-person position. The ideal candidate is a therapist who loves providing depth-oriented, emotionally focused individual therapy, who enjoys establishing strong relationships with colleagues, and who wants to focus on clinical work rather than the business-related tasks of running a practice. New Leaf Counseling and Wellness’s leadership and admin team will take care of the business-related tasks while the clinician focuses their time and energy on the care of their clients.

New Leaf Counseling and Wellness offers a vibrant, thriving, and busy workplace. This is a process-oriented, relational, and emotionally focused group practice. We have a team of exceptional therapists and administrative staff to meet the needs of our diverse clients. The leadership team is committed to the mentorship and training of all staff. We strive to create a community of like-minded professionals who are invested in each other’s growth as individuals and professionals.

Clinicians who are pursuing their own private practice alongside group practice with New Leaf Counseling and Wellness will not be a good fit for this position.

This practice values social justice and anti-oppression and strongly encourages individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or persons of color to apply.


This is an independent contractor role. All clinicians will start part-time with the option to build their caseload to full-time.

Masters Level Clinician Part-Time:
$24,000 to $36,000 annually, depending on the caseload
$50 per clinical hour
$50 x 10 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $24,000
$50 x 15 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $36,000

Masters Level Clinician Full-Time:
$48,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on the caseload
$50 per clinical hour
$50 x 20 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $48,000
$50 x 25 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $60,000

Doctoral Level Clinician Part-Time:
$31,200 to $46,800 annually, depending on the caseload
$65 per clinical hour
$65 x 10 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $31,200
$65 x 15 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $46,800

Doctoral Level Clinician Full-Time:
$62,400 to $78,000 annually, depending on the caseload
$65 per clinical hour
$65 x 20 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $62,400
$65 x 25 clinical hours a week x 48 weeks a year = $78,000

Duties and Responsibilities

  • See a minimum of 10 client hours a week starting as part-time 
  • Maintain a high retention rate for clients, an average of at least 20 sessions per client after the first 3 initial sessions
  • Respond to messages within 24 hours during business hours
  • Coordinate care with other providers as necessary
  • Timely documentation within 24 hours; maintain client files that are accurate and up to date
  • Attend weekly individual supervision and every other week team meeting and clinical consultation
  • Participate in marketing and networking opportunities
  • Maintain licensure and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics

Required Qualifications

  • Align with the values of this group practice
  • Master’s degree or doctoral degree in psychology, mental health, or social work
  • Active, unrestricted license (e.g., Ph.D., PsyD, LCPC, LCSW, LMFT) in the State of Illinois (must be fully licensed by start date)
  • Specialize in treating trauma 
  • Demonstrate a commitment toward social justice and anti-oppression
  • Access to technology and privacy to provide online therapy 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
  • Theoretical orientation that supports depth-oriented and relational work 
  • Value continued supervision and clinical consultation for feedback and opportunities to grow
  • Committed to working in a group practice for the long term 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Overarching feminist multicultural and interpersonal process approach
  • Theoretical orientation includes Psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems, Life Span Integration, EMDR, Mindfulness

Core Competencies

  • Efficiency in clinical work and administrative tasks with minimal wasted effort.
  • Honesty/integrity – demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the professional and ethical guidelines as well as the ability to reason through complex ethical dilemmas. Earn the trust of clients and colleagues. Do what is right even when no one is watching. Provide feedback directly and kindly to colleagues, supervisors, and clients.
  • Organization – plan, organize, and schedule in an efficient, productive manner. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize.
  • Follow through on commitments.
  • Learn quickly.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Persistence/work ethic – demonstrate tenacity and willingness to get things done.
  • Proactivity – act without being told what to do. Bring new ideas to the practice and actively contribute to the practice culture and outcomes.
  • Flexibility/adaptability – adjust quickly to changing priorities and systems of a growing practice. Cope effectively with complexity and change.
  • Enthusiasm – exhibit passion and excitement about the role and the practice. Possess a can-do attitude.
  • High standards – expect personal performance and team performance to be the best.
  • Openness to feedback – solicit feedback and ask for help regularly. React calmly to constructive feedback.
  • Communication – speak and write clearly.
  • Teamwork – value a strong relationship with colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Reach out to colleagues and supervisors to establish a cooperative working relationship.  


  • Referrals for high-quality clients who are committed to therapy and value their therapist’s time
  • Clients who are using insurance and privately paying
  • Simple Practice electronic health record with online therapy platform
  • Automatic payment processing through Simple Practice
  • Our administrative staff will screen all new clients and match them to your preferred areas of focus and modalities
  • Weekly supervision and clinical consultation to facilitate your clinical growth 
  • Fully furnished office space in a building full of other mental health care providers
  • Professional marketing and web presence
  • A combination of in-person and remote work and a flexible schedule 
  • Possible career advancement and leadership opportunities as the practice grows
  • Community with like-minded professionals who share essential values
  • Other benefits will become available as the practice grows 

Application Packet Requirements

  • Complete the application below
  • Submit a cover letter and CV to 
  • Only those selected for an interview will be contacted
  • The offer is contingent upon a background check